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The intelligent solutions to clean energy industry, not only greatly reduce the maintenance frequency of the wind turbine, but also increase the operating lift time of the equipment, providing optins for wind farm owners to segnificantly reduce costs.

Meanwhile, the intelligent filter and axial orbit chips for hybrid vehicles invented by Ruihu, give the real heart, and make the driving "easy".

Through power generation side to supply side, Ruihu's product "SMART PLANT" provides an all-around management platform from 6 major sectors, including Safety, Data, Indicator system, ODE, and energy comsumption.

Traditional energy is still a focusing segment within Ruihu.

We develop intelligent management and energy comsumption management system/software for mining hoists.

From "Automatic plants" , to "Lights-off factories", to real "Unmanned plants", Ruihu is committed to the directions of development in Intelligent Manufacture:

▪ Ruihu Transparent Plants,

▪ Ruihu Automatic Control Products,

▪ Customized solutions,

Data Provenance

IoT Privacy Calculation

Combined IoT and Privacy calculation, we achieve the accuracy and temeliness of carbon emission data acquisition, protect private data, and achieve credible collection of carbon emission data.

By means of blckchain, all parties of carbon assets are included in the management, and the multiparty verifiation of carbon emission data is realized.

Ruihu Data - Supplier of Industrial AI Solutions

Ruihu Data, an industrial Internet company dedicated to providing industrial big data and artificial intelligence solutions, was established to the Taihu Lake in Wujiang District, Suzhou, in 2020.

The development of the Industrial Internet is a process of integration of "industry" and "Internet" technologies. If we go back to the first industrial revolution more than 200 years ago, modern industry has experienced 3 significant developments, and we are fortunately to be the historical witnesses of the "4th idustrial revolution" , and this great historical change.

Ruihu Data is deeply engaged in the industrial industry, such as new energy, power generation, mining and metallurgy, even intelligent manufacturing.

Through big data analysis and artificial intelligence methods, we start from the main production tool of industry equipment, solving intelligent equipment management, bringing more efficient equipment management methods for enterprises, reducing equipment downtime costs and improving equipment operating efficiency.

Through Internet plus methods, we improve equipment operating modes and extending operating time. Therefore, we actually act the actual "cost reduction" and "efficiency increase" to plants.

At the same time, through the creative big data prediction algorithm of Ruihu Data, the operation trend prediction of equipment can be accurately obtained.

Provide effective guarantee for enterprises to make further efforts on "double carbon".

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"Green Finance"

Carbon assets of enterprises can be revitalized, gree finance can be realized, and the values of carbon assets can be promoted efficiently.

Carbon Assets management

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